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We provide supports to individuals, groups and teams to support them to succeed at life, in the workplace and in business.

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At a fork in the road?

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

I work with people who are stuck at a fork in the road, whether it be in their career, relationship or life itself.

In my experience they are stuck because they keep treading the same path, making the same choices and taking the same action where they inevitably end up at the same...well...fork in the road. 

I know that what they really want to do is take the unfamiliar road and head down a different fork. 

In that desire for something different, I can help you separate the crockery from the knives and forks, lift the lid on procrastination and self sabotage and have you carving out a new path to be proud of.

 - It is your consistent choices and actions over time that define who you will become

Disconnected from yourself and your purpose?

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

There are times in our lives when we forget what we value most, what is truly important to us, what our purpose and mission in life is.

We become disconnected from ourselves and others and relationships begin to show the strain.  

Are you in that place where fatigue, confusion and despondency have set in and you can't remember what you have forgotten and you can't forget what you no longer want to remember?

If life is taking a toll on your self-esteem, self belief and self confidence you may have come to the erroneous conclusion that there is something fundamentally "wrong" with you. 

Coaching is not magic, but it is founded on the principle that you have the answer to any questions you have. I can show you there is nothing "wrong" with you and guide you on your journey to live your version of your extraordinary life where "experience" not "things" are what matter most.

Slowly, slowly, fix alright - Evangelous - 

Is your team lacking unity?

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

You know that your team is vital to your success.

The question is, are you developing, fostering and inspiring your team to be leaders?

Does the culture of your organisation scream your values, mission and purpose to the world (your customers)?

Do your team members know why you do what you do? Have you created an environment where they can be and do and expand themselves beyond a job description? 

Are trust validation, appreciation and gratitude the threads that unite your team?

As leadership specialists with years of experience in facilitating workshops for teams, we have the tools, strategies and experience to turn your team around, unite them in partnership and generate the results you dream of.

To give a crap is the new black! - Sharon Pearson - 

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