Principal presenters and facilitators

Tiffany Joy Baxter

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney


With a true willingness to embrace and share the benefits of change, leadership and partnership, Tiffany knows that it is our choices that drive our actions that ultimately lead to our success. 

On that basis and comfortable with the “nitty gritty”, she shares her knowledge and experience to empower each and every one us to embrace the leader within and develop the leader in others.

Leadership is not magic, it’s logic!

After gaining experience as a manager in aged care community services and having spent time in the corporate sector, Tiffany followed her passion in preventative and complimentary health. It is with the combination of these skills and experiences that she shares with the audience her profound knowledge and techniques in empowering them to become the best version of themselves and live their idea of an extraordinary life.

Those who attended her workshop as well as her coaching sessions find them motivating, inspiring , humorous and life-changing.

Dot Yam

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

Dot Yam is an acknowledged leader in Healthcare education with a background in Nursing, Education, Management, Counselling and Coaching.

Dot specialises in optimising personal and organisational performance in Australia and overseas.

She is passionate about self-care and building resilience to prevent burnout in nurses and healthcare professionals.

In her warm, practical, dynamic style, she informs, challenges and motivates people in the areas of leadership, getting people on side, positive communication, constructing winning teams, building customer relationships and affecting cultural change.

Dot worked as a lecturer at the Faculty of Nursing, Sydney University, as well as a senior educator at the NSW College of Nursing (now the Australian College of Nursing)