Kind words about our coaching services!

Mrs. M. Bova



I met Tiffany at a work held leadership seminar that she was running.
Tiffany’s generosity in time, sharing of information and encouragement that day was a catalyst in jumpstarting my Coaching engine again!!”

Tiffany was engaging, experienced and generous with her time and energy. As a fellow Coach and workshop leader I was drawn to find out more about her and her business and what areas of Coaching and Consulting she covered. Tiffany kindly shared her experiences with me, and wholeheartedly encouraged me to pursue my desire to embark back on my Coaching/ Speaking path after a time away to raise my children.

I engaged her offer for a complimentary coaching session in her city office. 

Tiffany was immediately welcoming, her beautiful office space added to my positive experience!
Tiffany’s Coaching skill was such that within the hour, we had got right to the core of what had been holding me back from moving forward in my Coaching practice, gave me a bit of a reality check, and gently challenged me to start getting some momentum forward on my goals.

She shared some insights of her own journey that was very helpful in normalising my experience, and also shared some resources/ contacts that have proved beneficial.

As a result of our session, I have made rapid momentum in my career goals. I secured a contract to deliver a key note speech to 65 Nurses, and also secured another contract to deliver a 1-day seminar on inner resourcefulness.

I highly recommend Tiffany as a Coach and Seminar leader. She has the skill, experience, compassion, and ability to assist you move through your current issues and guide you to your most accessible path forward.

Thankyou Tiffany, my experience with you was ‘ meant to be’, and pivotal in getting traction in my career goals.

Mrs P. O'Donnell



I heard about Tiffany from a friend at a time in my life where I wanted to have a little more clarity around the direction of my life regarding where I was heading on a career and personal level. 

I realised my thoughts were all over the place and heading off in too many directions. The coaching helped me to gain clarity in my thoughts and gave me the confidence to stay on one path regarding a career choice. Food for thought personally. 

I found Tiffany very approachable and empathetic yet able to see the bigger picture. I liked the informal manner/location of the settings and I would recommend her if you are wanting coaching. She is the right person for this type of work

Ms. K. Gibbs



As I entered the journey of coaching, I hoped for insights into my work, life and health balance and a clearer understanding of my direction in life. I desired to work towards fulfilment and happiness with my family, relationships, work, creative expression and personal truths. One of my tangible goals was to receive income from my own projects so I could support myself and my family.   

I had dutifully worked towards recovering from work related depression and anxiety and embraced the treatment from my GP of medication and psychology. After many years of ‘therapy’ I was still struggling, and subsequent events had compounded negative self-perceptions and fears about my notions of the future. I did not think of coaching as a vehicle for wellness initially.  I have known Tiffany for a long time and her integrity and desire to empower people encouraged me to trying coaching. I was open to the possibility of positive outcomes. 

I gained insight into perceptions of my life, circumstances and my beliefs. I attained a workable plan of action and feeling of hope and confidence that I could do this. I acknowledged patterns over my lifetime that surfaced in response to difficult events in my life. That insight gave me the opportunity to make different choices, to release those old beliefs and to breathe in fresh possibilities.  

I received clarity from my sessions regarding the following: 

· I am not alone

· I have people on my team who see me as I am

· I have access to a coach, whose light shines brightly

· I will always have the benefits received in the coaching sessions.  

· I found working with Tiffany encouraging, insightful and for the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful about perceptions of myself and my future. 

· Tiffany Baxter you are the Fairy Godmother on the stage my life. I am eternally blessed by your presence in my life.  

· As I am illuminated so I see more of the aspects of myself. 

Since the coaching I have developed a website for my business, a model for my business practice, a business name, descriptions of my services and defined the boundaries in which I can comfortably and ethically operate. 

I have provided services and been paid for my work. 

These are all goals that were discussed in my coaching sessions with Tiffany and have evolved with respecting and honouring who I am.  I am very happy with what I have achieved thus far and encouraged that it is just the beginning for me, with more ahead.  

I would absolutely recommend Tiffany as a coach and I look forward to future coaching sessions as my journey unfolds. Thank you for reflecting who I am. 

Ms M. Anning

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney


I consulted with Tiffany Baxter on the phone which was a very convenient way to meet. Tiffany immediately put me at ease explaining the life coaching process we were embarking on.

There were several areas in my life that I had been procrastinating around. Tiffany was able to explore these areas and help me work out a simple plan to get things moving. The result was a sustainable time-management plan that I could work with and plot my progress.

I found including the visualisation exercises very helpful as they put my feelings into the process.

I appreciated that Tiffany listened to the blocks I was experiencing and had a resource of suggestions to get around the blocks.

Tiffany sent me notes of our consultations that she had made while we were chatting. The notes captured so much of what I had expressed and it was encouraging to see what had emerged.

Once I started to see practical success in achieving my goals that we had discussed, I found myself feeling more self confident. This was evident in many other areas of my life, especially feeling more confident to make new plans, think outside my usual boundaries and approach situations with renewed zest and positivity. Nothing really seemed 'impossible'.

I have been reflecting on how such a seemingly simple process could have had such a big effect on me. I have put it down to being 'seen', listened to and encouraged to be my best, without any kinds of judgement. It's been a very valuable experience both for now and in the future.

Thanks Tiffany.

Mrs S. Quinn - Global Media Senior Executive

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney


I am a senior executive working for a global media organization. At one stage the company I was working for went through a merger. 

During the months following I was very much in need of some direction.

Thankfully a friend recommended I meet with Tiffany. Her warm and compassionate nature, sound advice and business acumen made Tiffany the perfect coach for me. 

She provided me with workable strategies to see me through some major challenges. 

After only my first session with Tiffany I felt like a huge weight had shifted and I was excited about my future. Tiffany doesn’t just look at only one aspect of

your life, unless of course you want her to, she focuses on anything you wish to focus on. It is all about you, it is your journey. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tiffany as a coach to anyone who is in need of some sound advice and a compassionate ear.

 It’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make!

Ms. J. Church - Director of WrapMeCool

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney


After 35 years as a health professional, I recently embarked on the exciting journey of running my own business. 

While I loved the challenge and certainly had the drive, I soon realised that I lacked some organisational skills and found myself procrastinating and feeling stressed! 

I was lucky enough to have coaching sessions with Tiffany and although it was my first experience of coaching, I immediately appreciated its value to me personally and in my professional life.  

Right from our first conversation I felt really comfortable with Tiffany which was very important to me. Tiffany has highly developed communication skills and together we were able to identify my goals, tease out the blocks that were getting in my way and find really practical and simple steps that would move me forward. 


Tiffany asked really intelligent and insightful questions that helped me to see my situation clearly and I felt energised and positive about my own abilities. It was so helpful to have follow-up sessions that kept me on track and I found myself really looking forward to our time together. 

I loved how Tiffany could infuse our conversations with humour and that we could have a good laugh together! 


If, like me, you are ready to find the path to where you want to be, then I highly recommend Tiffany as a personal and professional coach. You will be so glad that you took the leap.

Mrs K. Roads - Clinical Hypnotherapist


 Tiffany coached me and I was able to move out of my funk & back into my own Therapy work. Tiffany is that rare yet highly effective mix of skill coupled with intuition & insight. She seems to be able to ask just the right questions that gets to the core of things,  allowing a deeper resolution. 

I was able to access some rather key insights about myself & my ‘stuckness’ with her coaching me. Plus the reflective homework she gave helped me, plus action steps to take made me move on! I felt very free to talk unguarded, and felt un-judged and compassionately supported.

Importantly she helped me recognise that where I was in myself was okay & not be mean towards myself.

Tiffany has  lots of ways to help, tricks up her sleeve! . She’s the worlds BEST listener, guaranteed. 

You’ll love her. She’s got a gift and the skills. Book in people. I’m now way past that stuck  point & doing great.  

Ms S. B


I originally approached Tiffany for coaching about a year ago, during a period of great transition in my personal and professional life. We've met six times since and it's been a life changing experience for me! 

Although I've always been self-motivated, I'd come to feel that I was lacking in focus. I've had an abundance of opportunities in the past few years, but I've had difficulty deciding where and how to direct my energy and attention. With Tiffany's help, I've been able to really clarify my values and to use these as the foundation to determine how to move forward in my life. 

I've been able to set some ambitious new goals for myself and again, with Tiffany's help, I am well on the way to achieving them. She's been supporting me every step of the way, and definitely holding me accountable, but in such a way that I've never felt judged or inadequate. Instead, I've felt like I have my own personal cheerleader!  

If you're ready to make some positive changes in your life and you could use some clarity and support to do so, I'd highly recommend giving Tiffany a call, she's amazing

Annie Wells - Assistant Director of Nursing



The idea of coaching had been in the back of my mind for some time when a work colleague gifted me 3 coaching sessions with Tiffany.  What luck!

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect however Tiffany expertly guided my through exercises that enabled me to reflect on my skills as a leader and also to better understand myself. 

There was more to explore after my 3 gifted sessions so I embarked on 3 more which led to insights into what motives me, how I operate in a team and how I communicate and make decisions. 

Tiffany spent time with me reviewing areas in my life that I have been neglecting without realising it and following this I was able to take actions to contribute to my overall wellbeing.

There was a lot more we explored including how to approach tricky conversation and what leads to emotions becoming problematic or not.

My coaching experience with Tiffany has benefited me both personally and professionally and the investment has been very worthwhile.   Thank you Tiffany.

Mr B. Kassab - Business Owner, Creative Consultant and Communication Design Specialist


 I spent just a preliminary 1 hour session one to one with Tiffany. She provided insight that just had strong cut through to what motivates me in business.


Her tools and guidance provided some real insight in how to be at my best. Looking forward to continuing the process. 

Mr. N. Miller - Director - Forward Media


Entering my coaching session with Tiffany, I wanted to gain clarity in some important life and business decisions  that involved some high stakes for me. 

Tiffany was very understanding and created an atmosphere of trust throughout our time together.

I genuinely learned more about myself in the space of 30 minutes than I feel I ever would have discovered by reading books, blogs or thinking about my situation on my own. 

Tiffany has a unique ability to get to the crux of the matter and how to change it with clarity and efficiency. It was an incredible session focused on action and results, not “pumped up” and not just “feel good”. I would highly recommend Tiffany as a coach.

Mrs. Esther Colman - Director ‑ HR Dept.  Eastern Suburbs  Sydney


When I engaged Tiffany as my coach, I was looking for clarity, to understand myself more and to be challenged around my thinking and behaviours.

Tiffany is very skilled, and she helped me to gain an understanding of my core subconscious drivers, security and connection, and how they play out in my actions, decisions and fears. She has a natural style, is great at active listening and she asks pertinent questions. The session just flowed.

There are a lot of coaches out there, but I absolutely recommend Tiffany. My observation is that genuine coaching is a very difficult skill to truly master and I see in Tiffany’s coaching style real mastery. Thank you.

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Mr A. S. - Business Owner


 Working with Tiffany, I was looking for a fresh take on issues that I think are holding me back professionally and to find out if there were any areas I needed to look at that I had not considered. 

Subsequently, the session helped me to rethink my priorities and get a clearer perspective on what actually matters to me, as opposed to what I thought mattered to me. 

The session was relaxed but professional and I felt it was easy to talk about the issues I was facing. I can recommend Tiffany as a coach 

Jay Marquardt


  In engaging Tiffany as my coach, my aim was to dig a bit deeper into my subconscious behaviors and patterns and unblock and uncover as much as possible. From the outset Tiffany was 100% honest with me, a great listener and direct. No matter what the issue was, the situation or the time she was very supportive of me. 

The sessions were quite unique from beginning to end. In the beginning we focused on subconscious thoughts and really delved in and it had a profound effect on me by opening up feelings and emotions both pleasant and unpleasant that nonetheless unblocked old behavioural patterns that were no longer serving me to be the person I want to be in my life now.  What was most beneficial for me was digging into the deeper stuff and leaving with a simple plan of action at the end of the sessions. 

Thank you Tiffany for going on a journey with me and thank you most of all, for always being straight forward and honest with me every step of the way, whether tough or supportive.  I would recommend you as a coach.

Mrs N. Shaw


  I worked with Tiffany to gain an understanding of what drives me and how I can harness that in order to get the most out of my life. I wished to understand myself better and to be aware of the behavioural and personality aspects of myself that effect the way in which I engage with others and how I see the world. I saw coaching as the opportunity to change my perspective of how I was currently looking into my life. Tiffany offered me support in a current experience at my workplace that I found challenging and I learned tools to help me facilitate change where I had previously been challenged.

Coaching gave me an insight into my current life situation and reinforced that I was on the right path for me individually. I gained the understanding of what drives me subconsciously and how to continue to thrive by maintaining this. Tiffany helped me the most with understanding what makes me happy and to recognise why I am currently happy in my life and what I need to do to continue to be in a positive mind frame and maintain this level of fulfillment through my focused intention.

Through the awareness of my Behavioural Profiling I learned and gained awareness not only about myself and my natural way of relating to others but how to also how to more effectively connect and strengthen my relationship with my partner. Tiffany gave me the tools to see how my own actions and behaviours could have a positive or a negative effect in any situation and this awareness has fostered a positive approach to my interactions with others and a feeling of being in control of myself and my life. 

I found working with Tiffany as my coaching partner to be supportive, educational, realistic and direct. Features which are very appreciated in seeking honest input from a coach to bring the best out of me. I found I was learning as well as growing. I find where I am being educated at the same time, really allows me to further understand what I am participating in.

Prior to working with Tiffany, I believed I already had a strong understanding of the direction I wanted my life to continue. However, in participating in coaching it gave me a stronger understanding of my goals, what drives me subconsciously and further tools to continue to better myself. Coaching gave me the opportunity to grow and continue to reach my personal goals. With realistic and direct support, giving me insight into potential avenues to continue to better myself and my overall life. 

I definitely would recommend coaching with Tiffany to others. I see it as beneficial as she is realistic, honest and supportive, which I see as great traits in a coach. Overall, coaching was an awesome opportunity to reinforce my own personal goals and for being aware of myself holistically.