Kind Words about our workshops!

Here's what Sharon says about being part of the four month Practical Positive Leadership Program we facilitated in Sydney!

Private Aged Care Facility. Leadership series 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

 I recommend any one to attend these sessions in future as I learned a lot from it.

Amazing two women. Such an inspiration to us.

Very refreshing and stimulating.

The training was so effective

Amazing education. Can't miss the next one.


I am eternally grateful for the support, education and impact Dot and Tiffany have had on  our organisation. I am personally grateful for the 1:1 support, discussions in planning workshops. Incredibly valuable life learnings. Thank you for sharing your fabulosity so that we can all shine brighter!! xx

Excellent. Would highly recommend to others


· Thank you for your extraordinary teaching and encouragement

Excellent. Thank you. I don’t have enough works to express how useful these sessions are both personally and professionally

It’s interesting to discover and knowing ourselves and getting to know others. 

Wonderful session. Thank you!

I really enjoyed the program, thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. Our residents are our greatest asset and they deserve the best

NSWNMA "Influential Thought Leader" workshop - Gymea 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

 All the areas were interesting and informative. One of the best workshops I have attended. Gained a lot.

Dot and Tiffany are very inspiring. Lessons learned are “achievable” not unrealistic, if we choose.

Wonderful presentations. Empowering and giving great strategies to be an effective thoughtful leader.

New ideas of thinking from the facilitators Dot and Tiffany.

All the sessions were informative and thought provoking. Relevant to my role as a leader.

Presenters are AWESOME. Well done 😊

Excellent! Worth every minute.

ACN Perth Leadership Workshop 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

Fantastic helpful and inclusive presenters. Everything about this course was valuable. Really  helpful practical tools I can start using tomorrow!

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you Dot and Tiffany.

The focus on wellness and self care was very valuable.

NSWNMA Practical Positive Leadership Series 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

Undoubtedly one of the most valuable workshops attended ever due to its useful and applicable philosophy to any area of the workforce. Thanks a million for doing this.  

Great depth of knowledge by the two speakers. Good explanations of the concepts. 

Thoroughly enjoyed this course for the second time around. Will not hesitate to come again. Lots of effort put into course was visible. Thankyou.  

Great program. Will highly recommend to others and will take newly learned skills back to the workplace. Thanks!!

This experience has been wonderful. I have enjoyed every minute! Thank you for a job well done!

I would definitely recommend this course. I didn’t realise that this program would change the way I think, and contribute to the way I address difficulties

Great energy in the room. Good variety in presentation style.

An inspiring, engaging day with thought provoking content.  

Love the informality and application to practical skills.

Very constructive and instructive. Real explanations and very easy to follow. 

ACN MLHD Griffith Participants 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

 Brilliant day – Each session provoked thoughts and ways to be a great leader in nursing and in LIFE!

Excellent, innovative, interactive leadership course. The facilitators showed their own leadership skills through presentation and organisation of course.

The interactive approach was engaging, welcoming and supportive. It built confidence and self-awareness.

ACN Adelaide - Lead Inspired Change Workshop 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

 Thank you so much. That’s the greatest workshop I have ever attended.

Presenters were fantastic. Very knowledgeable and passionate. Liked that it was interactive and not read from PowerPoints.

Enjoyable and engaging course. Good to know there is follow up support too.

Very useful information delivered in an effective way.

NSWNMA Managing conflict and confrontation 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

Well presented. Both presenters were very dynamic and interesting

Thankyou Dot and Tiffany, I got a lot out of the session.

Excellent Dot and Tiffany. You were great at keeping on topic and listening and engaging participants so they felt valued and heard.

Great techniques given for managing conflict and confrontation.

Thank you. Really enjoyed today :)

Excellent presentation. Very interesting and useful.

Brilliant workshop. I really enjoyed it.

NSWNMA Emotional Intelligence Workshop 2018


Dot and Tiffany are a brilliant team. Love their energy and wisdom. Both engage brilliantly with the audience. They are interesting and knowledgeable 

Very inspirational and helpful. Well done!

A thoroughly enjoyable and highly worthwhile course.

Excellent informative day of great value to all nurses to lean into their practice and learn how to find a good life balance to take care of themselves first

A thoroughly useful, enlightening day. This needs to be a regular course on the calendar

This has been a wonderful day. Dot and Tiffany are amazing. Lots of content covered that is important for everyone to know about

Really enjoyed the presentation, felt I benefited from the information

Passionate and engaging course. Thank you

Very good day. Stimulating and very good presenters

R. Iddamalgoda 2017

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

“We are on to our second member of staff for the “Ward 10 Wall of fame” award. I feel staff look forward to this. The chosen member appreciated the comments and requested to have the original post- it notes. We will be trying the “ball of wool” concept shortly. I am sure this will not only be fun but it will open their eyes to what they do so well, working together

NSWNMA Managing Conflict and Confrontation 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney

I really enjoyed today. I found both Dot and Tiffany to be very engaging and informative. It was both fun and educational. I learned a lot about myself and my potential abilities to be a positive person with self love!

Great day! Very knowledgeable and informative facilitators. Very inclusive and made it a fun day. Thanks so much :)

Very instructive, positive and pleasant way of learning to deal with confrontation. Very well delivered.

Loved the networking with others

This seminar is really helping me with everything I do at work. It has reminded me to value myself. I will encourage my peers to attend too.

I hope many nurses attend this program.

MLHD Wagga Wagga Participants 2018

Personal Professional Development Life Coach Leadership Workshop Speaker Consultant Sydney


One of the most positive, inspiring education days that I have attended in 30plus years! So much conveyed, so much to think about and so much to take back. Looking forward to being a leader. 

Dot and Tiff were fantastic and engaging presenters. I haven’t been to a course that I’ve enjoyed as much as this. Informative, applicable and entertaining all the way through. 

Presentation was amazing. Excellent use of humor.  


ACN Leadership Workshop Brisbane 2018


Absolutely excellent pair of facilitators with wads of information and ability to engage with the attendees

It is helpful to attend a leadership session that focused on ‘personal’ change as inspiration, not theoretical change


Both presenters are ‘real’. Very informative and enjoyable (more than I expected). Real life situations and tools. Authentic. Activities engaged all – the workshop was fun


You are a powerhouse team Dot and Tiffany, thank you for facilitating so well and making the concepts relatable for everyone


Thank you. Today has opened my eyes and allowed me to take a breath. It will all be OK


It was just wonderful!!! Such engaging, friendly presenters who have a wealth of knowledge and experience around leadership. Thankyou kindly ladies!


Learned how to find my 'professional voice' and not get caught in the drama triangle VERY INTERESTING!!


I’m inspired to bring more joy into the workplace, hold dance/movement sessions for staff and clients alike. I’d like to share core concepts with peers through education – be the model (inspiring)


It was great! The time went by so fast! So good!

Influential Thought Leader Workshop Sydney 2018


I enjoyed this workshop. Learned so much. Lessons were interesting. Lecturers were “cool” and made me feel special. Met Dot Yam again after 27 years

This topic, “The influential thought leader at work” was really good. I learnt more skills/knowledge to take care of myself so that I can care others. I will look forward to booking another education in this group in the future

Always a great workshop from Dot and Tiffany

Excellent sessions from both presenters. Lots of audience participation/activities in different forms. Thank you for the session

Really enjoyed the different qualities that Dot and Tiffany brought to the presentation

Keep inspiring and influencing many others

Today was well rounded, informative and interesting. I would recommend fellow staff to attend

I enjoyed the style and delivery of the workshop. I liked the examples used

Fabulous day. Thank you so much

Lead Inspired Change Melbourne 2018


 This was a fantastic seminar and I thoroughly enjoyed the day! I loved how interactive and engaged I felt during the day, certainly did not want it to end. I came away from this seminar feeling re-energised and refreshed. I felt like I had been given some new tools to help me be better at my job, and for this I am truly grateful. 

I enjoyed the whole day. The sessions flowed, Dot and Tiffany work so well together.

I had high expectations of the day having heard Tiffany and Dot at the ACN National Nurses Forum but the day was even better than I expected

Amazing very fun and interactive workshop Extremely valuable. It was easy to speak up and join conversations or give my opinion.

I love the whole study day. Excellent. Very inspiring

This course is not just for work but for life skills. Enjoyed the workshop. Kept it very real

Great day! Dot and Tiffany were amazing!!

Thank you! An engaging and fun day. I learned some new skills and reinforced already learned concepts. Well run. Lots of activities to break up the day

Dot and Tiffany were very engaging and knowledgeable 

Ms Diana Fenwick 2018


 Dot and Tiffany's professional, friendly and practical approach to new ways of working together and being accountable has helped staff to take ownership of their actions, be kinder to each other, and work better and smarter together. I didn't think this was achievable and have happily been proven wrong by such inspiring, supportive ladies.  

Dot and Tiffany found the spark of fabulosity in every one of my staff members, and allowed them to shine brighter than anyone thought possible."

I will be forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with you both.

Self-care and resilience workshop Ourimbah 2018


Joyful and genuine presenters who gave specific tools to take away and encouraged us to care for ourselves.

A very good workshop by fun presenters. Very informative.

Great content. This course deserves to be longer. Great presentations from passionate people.

I can use the tools/skills both professionally and personally

As the manager I will share the information with my core staff to promote a positive environment. 

I learned to put myself first. Adjust my lifestyle, don’t take things personally. Stay on the outside of drama.

Lead Inspired Change Workshop Sydney 2018


 I have taken away something from every single session today. Things have flowed beautifully, and the concepts were reinforced

Thank you. I am so glad I came. I have so many more tools in my toolkit. You are both fantastic

Dot and Tiffany were fantastic!

The whole day was fabulous – values, meeting tips, RAS, HALTS

Excellent, and able to give us insights into being better leaders

South Coast Private - Unity and Partnership Workshop 2019


Well presented and explained with practical significance. Thank you Dot and Tiffany for your time and shared skills

Everyone should complete this course

AWESOME. Motivating self-reflection

Fantastic, great presentation. Very happy

Goulburn Valley Health - Shepparton Victoria - Leadership Workshop 2019


You were both what I need in my personal and professional life at this moment. Gratitude

Best day ever. What a great way to spend International Women's Day

Fantastic session - could have listened all day

I was blown away by how much I have learned in this workshop. Thanks heaps xx

Best ever leadership program attended ever

Such a great workshop that has made me a better leader

NSWNMA - "The influential Thought Leader at work" 2019


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I found it very helpful and relevant to my workplace. Thank you both very much

Extremely pleased to see the NSWNMA is valuing personal growth as part of our vital, nursing/personal experience. Well done ladies :) :)

Really interesting and informative. Great to network with like-minded people

All very relevant to my work life

Positive and energised leaders offering a fresh approach with some new ideas


10 out of 10

Practical Positive Leadership Series 2019



Dot and Tiffany are exceptional educators. The sessions are fun and engaging. Thank you

Fabulous course - very empowering personally and professionally

Thank you Dot and Tiffany. Love the course content and how it is delivered. Very interactive and got to hear the stories of others.

A very informative session. I have developed a passion for leadership

Thank you Dot and Tiffany for making the sessions interesting. Big thanks!

Amazing. Thank you! :)

This course has been life changing, personally and professionally. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in leadership or even to experienced leaders. Thank so much to Dot and Tiffany! - Leila Andrews

Very worthwhile content for personal and professional growth. Presenters were professional and the content was presented in an easy to understand and fun way. Thank you.

This course was fantastic. I have recommended it to many of my colleagues. Absolutely loved it and couldn't recommend it highly enough. It not only supports leadership in the workplace but the content resonates in every day life. To make such a positive on my in all facets of my life Tiffany and Dot were fantastic!

Thank you Dot and Tiffany for the great teachings of leadership. The content was so easily assimilated. I have shared so many experiences and networked with other valuable leaders.

 This course was really empowering

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned so much

Thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany and Dot's overall approach. Fun and engaging. Highly recommended to anyone. Looking forward to more

Fantastic, educational, fun, insightful and engaging. Best course I have attended

Excellent presenters providing researched current information.

Very enjoyable day with useful information presented. Presented with fun and appropriate connection to workplace strategies.

Loved the day, motivated presenters. Inspired to take it back to my workplace.

Love it! Keep it up. Very helpful. Empowering and inspiring. Lovely!

Very enjoyable and thoughtful day. Great information and learning. Thank you both

Very insightful and useful information. Thankyou

Very useful strategies I will put into practice straight away

Training was intensely informative

Very informative, Presenters were exceptional. Looking forward to the next session

Very good practical skills. Thanks team. I love this training :)

Liked the self-exploration activities, it helped highlight areas to work on

Self-care and resilience in stressful and changing times 2019



Dot and Tiffany present a well-balanced and engaging workshop to identify and unpack why we succumb to the negative effects of stress

It was very well balanced. Dot and Tiffany compliment each other

A therapeutic, excellent duo in your imparting of knowledge and skills and in  empowering your audience :)!!

Very intelligent seminar, very useful

Fantastic presentation. Lovely team work. I highly recommend this

Really enjoyable and interactive workshop! Learnt life skills. Dot and Tiffany were fab!! :)

I absolutely loved the entire day and wished that I had participated in this education earlier. Thank you

Feeling optimistic about handling difficult work situations better in future

Dot and Tiffany make a great team and keep the presentation so engaging and fun!

Very good education. I needed and loved it. Thank you both

So practical. Thank you

Repeat again - very valuable

Whiddon Award Winning Aged Care - 2 day Leadership Masterclass 2019


This course , content and delivery was different and more fun than any other. The level of engagement, care and focus on us was exceptional. I appreciate and am thankful for this experience :)

This was really inspiring and it has already helped me in my thoughts. Thank you 

The session was fun, interactive and very informative. Would love to have a follow-up Masterclass with them. Training session was very light and enjoyable

Very informative and insightful. The 2 days with Dot and Tiffany gave me insight into my leadership style and strategies to improve

Fantastic, energetic, relaxing environment. Thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days with both Dot and Tiffany. Thank you

The 2 days have provided me with strategies to be a better leader and motivate and challenge my team

The presenters were very knowledgeable, entertaining, helpful and acknowledged everybody

Great session. Good insight into leadership qualities to get results from the team

Presented well, very interactive. Helpful practical resources to use in the workplace. 

The sessions were an engaging and fun way to learn. Very informative

Great course. Loved it. Feel motivated and excited to implement

Loved the presentation and feel it would be beneficial to the whole team

A lot squeezed into two very full days but very very worthwhile

Resilience Workshop Blacktown 2019


Dot and Tiffany are engaging presenters who present their material in an "easy to digest" and memorable way. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and your warmth and empathy. A very useful day. Thank you for keeping me engaged and reminding me about the importance of self-care 

Dot and Tiffany this course came at a time where the burnout cloud was hovering! I have learnt so many tools and can't wait to put them into practice. You are both amazing and engaging! Thank you for your time! - Emma

Excellent, I enjoyed the program very much. Well presented with activities.


Very beneficial. Gracy

Great presentation. Love the information and presenters

Fantastic day, great speakers

Excellent speaker, good sharing of experience and knowledge

It was helpful and fun. It taught me how to de-stress myself


It did exceed my expectations. Very lively and informative

Very good and helpful. Very kind and nice facilitators

Very enjoyable course. Loved the dancing too!!

Dot and Tiffany were great. I learned a lot. Excellent

Mid North Coast Oncology 2019


Fun course, some good philosophical insight, dancing was fun. Thought provoking ideas. Well done

Well run session with lots of activities. Loved the meditation and drama triangle concept. Resourceful facilitators

The day was very good. I took a lot away from it and hope to make some positive changes to my life and family

Well run, good day with lots of practical tools we can implement. Thanks :)

Fantastic. Really enjoyed the level of interaction and how the content was delivered. Thank you

Great entertaining presenters. They made the day fun and informative

Well run course with passionate and caring facilitators

I liked that the focus was on us as individuals, not just as health care workers. It was not just about managing work, but also life in general

Good to have reinforcement of how to be resilient, mindful, help myself and others

Thank you for a great day! I will use many of these strategies in both my work and social life

Such an important activity and it is the reason our team is so good

The influential thought leader at work


Enjoyed program. Both presenters understand the topics in-depth and impart knowledge in an interesting way. Very informative and a fund day. THANK YOU

Very much enjoyed the session. Well presented and well paced

Excellent and good fun

Very interesting topics. I would love to attend more of similar topics

Excellent course!

Loved it. Extremely worthwhile

Excellent speakers